Women's/Girls Grips


Womens / Girls Grips Double Buckles and Velcro

Women’s / Girl’s bar grips, with Double Buckles also in Velcro, they have the dowel glued and stitched to the leather to make a reliable and strong grip for the uneven bars, it is recommended to use 100mm terry toweling sweats.



Girls Small Hand Dowel Grips

These dowel grips are for the gymnast with smaller hands, which allows them to feel the bar and still maintain protection against blisters and rips.
Small hand Bailie grips are a high quality product and an excellent choice.

It is strongly recommended to use 100mm wrist sweats under grips to protect base of wrist from rubbing and blisters.


Women's/Girls 2" Wide Bars Grips

Women’s / Girls Uneven Bar grip, with the Dowel glued and stitched to the leather to make a reliable grip, and with a 2” wide Velcro strap, that adds extra support while working on the bars. It is strongly recommended to wear terry toweling sweats.

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Wrist Sweat Bands

11cm Terry Toweling Highly recommended for wearing under grips and guards, makes straps / buckles more comfortable.Sold in Pairs

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2oz Hand-e-Balm

Why buy multiple products to achieve what we offer in one jar? Medicated Hand-e-Balm was originally developed for gymnasts to treat rips and blisters from their intense training.

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